Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blue Station Wagon Scene

This is a set up and wreck of an old blue station wagon. There was two of these on the set and they crash them both several times. Supposedly Sam Raimi uses this certain car in all his films. The armored truck driven by Sandman (the nemesis in spider-man 3) hits the taurus which runs into the blue station wagon. They had film cameras mounted on the green car, the station wagon, the armored truck and in the road. The film truck had a few cameras on it. They also had a Ducatti motorcycle with a rig that could shoot with a film camera mounted on the front or on the back. They used this weaving in and out of traffic as well as down the sidewalk for the reverse angle of the action in the road. It was on a remote swivel-head device. There was a suburban where the director and photographer could control the cameras and watch the action with remote video feeds, to be sure they were getting the shots they needed.

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